Brief: To design a series of call to action adverts for a mail order brand, marketing designer watches & jewellery to an American audience. The theme behind these printed adverts was to create a sense of urgency on behalf of the reader, causing them to pick up the phone & make a purchase. I also photographed & retouched the product images shown in this selection.

The magazines these adverts were published in vary in demographic. Therefore it was important, when designing these adverts, to appeal to that demographic directly. The Pilot Pro advert was designed with aviation enthusiasts in mind, as it was being published in Air & Space. Whereas the Meteorite watch advert was designed for a more scientific audience (Popular Science).

Pilot Pro Watch Advert

Each advert has a punchy, attention grabbing heading & prices emphasized in red banners or set in bold. These adverts are competing against other call to action & designer adverts. The idea behind these elements was to make the advert jump out at the reader.

A lot of information was required in each of these adverts. This includes, a pitch about the product, a list of product features, a punchy heading, a price list, a detailed image of the product, warranty & guarantee banners & a call to action banner. I therefore found the grid an invaluable system in handling all this information.


As the client could monitor the success of each advert by the promotional code listed at the foot of each advert, it was interesting to note the success rate of each design. One particular advert that drew in a high volume of sales was the men's diamond bracelet advert. As a result, this design was published in a number of men's magazines across America.

Figure 1: Ambassador advert, Automobile magazine
Figure 2: Alphagraph & ring advert, Motor Trend magazine
Figure 3: Phantom watch advert, Automobile magazine
Figure 4: Ladies Bravado advert, Ok magazine
Figure 5: Matrix advert, Automobile magazine