Brief: To design a visual concept for Accordion, a business offering training, therapy & consulting at home & in schools. Keywords describing the project were: "Responsible, friendly & bonafide". The client wanted a family feel without being too soft & friendly.

After brainstorming, it became clear that blues would convey the correct feel for this project. Blue is the colour of the mind, self-esteem & optimism. It is also confident, but calm.

I began to look how I could represent an Accordion in an abstract fashion. I took the "A" glyph from the word Accordion & began to sketch some initial concepts. After playing with the idea of a shadow behind the glyph, it appeared that a tilting "A" drew much resemblance to the bellows of the instrument.

I took the idea into Illustrator & converted the "A" glyph from into Vernon Adam's new font Muli into the abstract pyramid. Then after playing with anchor points, I copied & tilted the shape behind the pyramid, set it in darker blue & blended the two shapes to get the intermediate pyramid. The rest of the logo is set in Muli Book. The logo seemed to work well in grey scale & the client was happy with the chosen colour pallet.

The second part of the project was to design a 6 page DL advertising the services provided by the client. After experimenting with gradients made from my colour pallet I came up with a background that I was happy with. The headings & body copy are all set in Univers Regular. The white space left on the document was requested by the client, who wished to write notes for customers.

accordion sketch
Figure 1: Brainstorming initial ideas & sketch of proposed concept
Accordion Logo
Figure 2: Logo rendered in Illustrator
accorsion template
Figure 3: Presentation board illustrating ideas
accorsion stationary
Figure 4: Stationary design
Accordion LeafletAccordion Leaflet
Figure 5: Accordion 6 page DL