Ace Of Spades
Ace of Spades

Brief: To design an identity for London based landscaping company Ace of Spades.

After being approched it became clear that my client wanted a punchy logo, that was transferable to collateral such as polo shirts & vehicles. It was therefore important that the logo would work in monotone.

I also understood that the logo should be more than just the cliche of a spade shape, but something that reflected the nature of the business. After sketching some shapes, I came across the idea that the spade shape could be drawn to represent the cross section of a tree. I transfered the idea into Illustrator. After tweaking bezier curves & reflecting one side of the logo over, I had a design I was happy with. When presenting the idea, it occured to me that busines cards could be made in the style of playing cards.

Ace Of Spades Sketch
Figure 1: Initial sketches
ace of spades logo
Figure 2: Logo rendered in Illustrator
Ace Of Spades template
Figure 3: Presentation template illustrating ideas
Figure 4: Ed sporting the branded shirt