Black & White

These are a selection of black & white pictures taken in a number of locations, mainly hand printed & shot on 35mm film. The first image was taken during a trip to Amsterdam & was exhibited in the cafeteria at my former college.

The following three images were taken during a trip I took in 2005 to the Himalayas. This was at a time when Nepal's former leader "King Gyanendra" overthrew the elected government, causing tension in Nepal. I was caught up in a Maoist road blockade & spent the evening on the roadside. These images were exhibited on my return to the UK.

The following photographs were taken in the coastal area of Chennai, just after the 2005 Tsunami. Lying on a flat plain, with a low shelving beach, this area is extremely vulnerable during natural disasters. I used these images in a fund raising campaign for the charity, CARE International.

Finally, are some observational street photographs taken in London & Murthia followed by some digital macro shots of driftwood in Queensland.

Figure 1: Cyclist, Amsterdam, 2002, 35mm print
Figure 2:Boy at Maoist blockade, Kathmandu valley, Nepal, 2005, 35mm print
Nepal 01
Figure 3: Lady carries basket, Annarpurna, 2005, 35mm print
Nepal 02
Figure 4: Annurpurna range, Nepal, 2005, 35mm print
Figure 5: Boys playing cricket amongst rubble, following the Tsunami, Chennai, India, 2005, 35mm print
Figure 6: Washing drying amongst Rubble, Chennai, 2005, 35mm print
Man London
Figure 7: Man with umbrella, London, 2006, 35mm print
Figure 8: Bridge, London, 2006, 35mm print
man spain
Figure 8: Man with walking stick, Murthia, 2006, 35mm print
wood texture
Figure 9: Driftwood 1, QL, Australia, 2011
wood 06
Figure 10: Driftwood 2, QL, Australia, 2011