jupiter font

Brief: To design a type lockup & album cover for DJ Sugai, an artist mixing hip hop & electronic music. I wanted to go for an original looking design, with an urban feel.

My initial sketches for this project started out as angular shapes, stemming from the letters "D" & "J". I wanted to create some type that would work in a block, with a few graphic elements to add interest. The idea was that each letter would be the same height & width, with the exception of the letter "I", which would sit on the end of the logo.

After finalizing my sketch, I brought the concept into Illustrator & started to build each glyph as a vector, adding the drips & bubbles afterwards. For the album cover I decided to play on the name "Material Love", by stripping any fill or colour from the type lockup. For the reverse, I photographed DJ Sugai performing & dropped the image into the enlarged logo.

I then developed the concept into an alphabet & brought the glyphs into Fontlab, to generate the True Type Font, "Jupiter". The name came from the original glyph "J".

Figure 1: Jupiter alphabet (Click to download TTF & OTF)
jupiterjupiterdj sugai sketch
Figure 2: Initial logo sketches
sugaidj sugai album cover
Figure 3: Album cover design (front) for DJ Sugai, Material Love
dj sugai album back
Figure 4: Album cover design (back) for DJ Sugai, Material Love