These are a selection of layouts from various projects, starting with this folding brochure for BFI. As the theme was horror, I decided to distress the background & masthead for a damaged, torn effect, almost like the brochure had been part of a horror film. This would contrast with the content, aligned to a grid, displaying the film & cinema information.

The Veda magazine layout was designed with white space in mind. I didn't want the headings & text to take anything away from Lars Hansen's black & white fashion photography.

When designing the Dulux post cards, I wanted the colour to help carry the message to the viewer. I looked at current colour trends & combinations suggested by Dulux, for home decoration. I then set the heading in Gotham for best legibility.

The headings for the half-yearly report were set in Serifa & the body copy was set in Swiss 721 BT. I felt that the contrast between these two faces helped with visual hierarchy when reading the report. Serifa also lent itself to an interesting type lock-up.

Following this are a selection of more recent pieces of work, including watch adverts & a pitch for satellite operator Avanti.

Figure 1: Folding brochure, BFI
veda veda
Figure 2: Magazine spread, Veda
Nurture DuluxReinvent DuluxEnvy DuluxDulux Hope
Figure 3: Postcard design, Dulux
Figure 4: Half-Yearly report, GE
Sportsgraph Advert
Figure 5: Daniel Steiger advert pitch
Avanti BrochureAvanti Brochure
Figure 6: Brochure pitch for Avanti's Enterprise Sector
Maxim Advert
Figure 7: Half page advert for designer watch company Du Maurier
Rebecca Ad
Figure 8: Half page advert for designer watch company Du Maurier