A selection of logos for various clients.

SL Resources Logo & Cards
Figure 1: SL Resources logo & business card design
Avanti Icon
Figure 2: Icon pitch for online project
Savior Logo
Figure 3: Logo for Caribbean food company
hed logo
Figure 4: HED logo, for Hair Extensions Direct
gs logo gs logo
Figure 5: Rebranding for Bond Street jewellery brand Georgiana Scott, custom lettering
Dvote Design
Figure 6: Dvote Design
Figure 7: Olive, for menu design
Simplistic Travel
Figure 8: Simplistic Travel Club, logo pitch
GTFU logo
Figure 9: GTFU logo
Accordion Logo
Figure 10: Accordion logo, see Accordion
Ace Of Spades
Figure 11: Ace Of Spades, see Ace of Spades
Ralph Christian
Figure 12: Ralph Christian, see Ralph Christian