Persoanal Branding
Personal Branding

With my personal branding, I began sketching the lower-case "h" (for Harry). I came up with a few letter forms that used a stem, that looped back on itself. I decided that I would take a look at a few casual scripts & came across AKA Dora. This font had the exact "h" I was after.

As part of my personal branding, I wanted to create a wax stamp. In Illustrator I took the "h" initial from AKA Dora & placed it inside the enclosing circle. When subtracted, it would leave me with the imprint in negative space. It was this design that I sent off to get laser cut into a stamp. I then used traditional sealing wax to personally brand my letters.

I wanted to carry across my use of AKA Dora to my website & business cards. AKA Dora's "b" Just like the "h" has a looping stem. Being the only ascenders in this lower-case logo, the "b" seemed to balance the "h" when written together as "harrycb".

Stamp 01
Figure 1: Logo stamped in traditional sealing wax
stamp 02
Figure 2: Close-up
Business Cards 1
Figure 3: Business cards, harrycb logo on 300gsm board
Business Cards 1
Figure 4: Business cards, initial logo & contact details set in ITC Avant Garde