Ralph Christian
Ralph Christian

Brief: To design an identity for a designer brand, marketing luxury products in US stores such as Macy's & Amazon. The guidelines stated that the brand mark had to be sophisticated, yet eye catching. "The brand mark must convey luxury".

The logo had to work as a stand alone graphic element, as well as with text. I started rendering ideas by hand & eventually came up with a symmetrical fleur-de-lis. This was a decorative symbol, with royal connotations. After much experimentation on paper I decided to split the fleur-de-lis into shapes. This would appear more prominent when laser cut onto the products. I added the diamond shapes for a hint of luxury.

I brought the concept into Illustrator & drew the initial shapes with the pen tool, tweaking the bezier curves to get smooth rounded corners. I then reflected one side to get a perfectly symmetrical design. In designing the logo type, I looked at many fonts with my client. One font that stood out was ITC Symbol LT Book, by Italian type designer Aldo Novarese. This was elegant, yet legible. We liked the way the font was not too weighted & would reproduce well when printed.

Once the logo had been finalized, we sent the design over to the manufacturers, who printed, laser cut & hot pressed the logo onto the products.

fleur de lis sketch
Figure 1: Initial hand renderings
rc logo
Figure 2: Vector rendered in Illustrator
rc logo
Figure 3: Ralph Christian logo knocked out
rc logo
Figure 4: Ralph Christian logo, typographic version
ralph christian logo
Figure 5: Ralph Christian logo on an Insignia Nero dial
ralph christian crown
Figure 6: Ralph Christian fleur-de-lis brand mark, laser cut into an Insignia crown
Ralph Christian Strap
Figure 7: Ralph Christian brand mark, hot pressed into a leather strap
Ralph Christian
Figure 8: Ralph Christian brand mark, printed on watch dial
Ralph Christian Back
Figure 9: Ralph Christian brand mark, laser cut on case back