Brief: To photograph a selection of watches, to be used commercially, both in print & online. All of these images were used to advertise the product. The idea was to portray the timepiece in its best light & in one shot.

Therefore it was important when photographing each piece, to consider the individual features & selling points of each product. Many of these watches have textured dials. The client specified that such features should be emphasized, to show the depth of the design. I found that directional lighting best achieves this effect.

I currently use three Bowens Streamlites, that provide a continuous daylight balanced light. These come with diffusers, perfect for softening harsh light & achieving the correct light settings. The third light also comes in useful when back lighting is required.


It is important to discuss the context of each image before choosing a theme for the shoot. Backgrounds & set dressing play a large role in how the product will be represented, especially in catalogue production.

Maxim Black Watch Du Maurier
Figure 1: Du Maurier Maxim Black, visit their site for more info
Figure 2: Ralph Christian Insignia, as seen on this blog
Daphne Watch Du Maurier
Figure 3: Du Maurier Daphne, visit their site for more info
Maxim Watch Du Maurier
Figure 4: Du Maurier Maxim, visit their site for more info
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