I’m a London-based brand designer specialising in luxury goods and the technology sector. Also UI designer, front-end developer and product photographer.


I began to notice and get interested in design from an early age, but was also always interested in the sciences. Most of my youth was spent either experimenting with the magic of hand processing photographs or in Photoshop (this was before the days of Instagram's instant filters). I was lucky enough to win an award, which meant a brief art residency and an exhibition. Later came film school, which was mostly spent experimenting with cameras and lighting for short films, or again hand processing photographs. Formal design training came later at Shillington.

I went on to utilise my photography and design skills becoming a product photographer/designer for various luxury clients, before moving into the telecoms world, focusing on corporate design, UI and front-end development.


One piece of advice I'll never forget was from a teacher, who stressed to ‘learn as many skills as possible’. I still pass on this invaluable advice to students during mentoring sessions. I was keen to become more of a ‘comb-shaped’ designer, with multiple skills across different specialisations.

I have since found that doing development and design is the perfect balance to exercise both sides of the brain. I’m a strong believer in keeping up-to-date with modern technology but at the same time creating design that stands the test of time. I believe it is important not just to work smarter, but harder and smarter.


Utilising the ‘comb-shaped’ approach means I can research and design your web product, provide photographic content for it, then build it. I can also set-up the server environment to host the project. Ultimately, I’m passionate about crafting tailor-made user-centred experiences.