Autonomy logo


To design an identity for a cryptocurrency project called Autonomy (AUTO). Ideally the mark had to work as a standalone icon as well as alongside the name.

The client wanted a design simple enough to work at small sizes, but unique enough to stand-out against competitors.


As it is conventional to represent a currency with a typographic symbol, often the first letter of the name, it made sense to focus on the ‘A’ as the main feature of the mark. If you look at other traditional currencies, like ‘£, €, ¥’, there is also a convention of using horizontal strokes in the symbol.

After experimenting with various ‘A’s, having the horizontal strokes outside the ‘A’ meant the circle could be playfully divided.

We also liked the nautical theme and how sailing was associated with a sense of independence or freedom.

Autonomy logos

Autonomy cryptocurrency marketplace


It was interesting to see how the mark stands-out against others in the cryptocurrency space. The colours and design were unique enough to distinguish the brand.