Georgiana Scott Rose Gold Foiled Packaging


The brief for this project came about with the requirement to create the identity for Georgiana Scott, a luxury jewellery label based in London. Their beautiful Italian jewellery can be seen in Fenwick, the department store located on Bond Street.

The mark should be classy and elegant and work well on various packaging and jewellery stands.


After some brainstorming and market research, it became clear that the logo should be a wordmark. To convey the uniqueness of the pieces, custom lettering could be created to stand apart from other luxury fashion brands.

I explored shaping the letters like jewellery pieces. The crossbar of the ‘A’ does not fully touch the left stroke, like a post from a stud and the bowl in the ‘R’ does not fully touch the stem, just as hoop jewellery is often shaped. It was also interesting to contrast the narrow width of the ‘E’ and ‘R’ against the large hoop-like ‘G’ and ‘O’.

Black Georgiana Scott logo on grey

White Georgiana Scott logo on black


The outcome was a mark that was legible but felt unique, set in capitals and tightly kerned. The letter-forms have resemblance to the shapes found in jewellery to communicate a playful but elegant look. It reproduced well in rose-gold foiling on packaging.

Custom type continued

See how the custom lettering designed for Georgiana Scott was continued for The Hoop Station in this luxury branding project.