The Hoop Station Silver Foiled Packaging


The brief for this project involved creating the identity for Georgiana Scott’s diffusion line which focuses on hoop earrings. Georgiana Scott is a luxury jewellery label based in London. Their beautiful Italian jewellery can be seen in Fenwick, the department store located on Bond Street.

The mark should be elegant and playful and reproduce well on packaging and hoop stands.


It was clear that the custom typography from the Georgiana Scott logo should be extended to create the logo for The Hoop Station. As The Hoop Station was specifically marketing hoops, I explored the idea of integrating the hoop-shape into the lettering. This was well received and both ‘O’s from ‘HOOP’ were playfully linked. Another hoop was then displayed around the mark as a container.

Black The Hoop Station Logo on Grey

White The Hoop Station Logo on Black


The result was a unique eye-catching and playful mark that reproduced well on packaging, this time in silver foiling.

Custom type continued

See how the custom lettering designed for Georgiana Scott and The Hoop Station was continued for The Pearl Station in this jewellery branding project.