The website was in need of a complete design overhaul, from UX/UI to the technology stack. The project involved a complete rebuild of the code-base onto a new server, meaning we had better control over the hardware and software running the site.

The site was simplified and aligned with the company’s up-to-date messaging.


In an effort to streamline the design, I wanted to build a series of lightweight templates that re-used modular elements. These were hand-coded and built into WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields. The result was a flexible design system and a cleaned-up and optimised code-base. The theme also allow for content to be easily edited by website adinistrators.

I usually use Grunt as a JavaScript Task Runner, but for this project I bundled modules using Webpack. Working with SASS meant each design module could be easily controlled.

MeetingZone resource centre

Resource centre

It was important to build-in an area to post resources for Luckily WordPress makes this really easy with their Post loops. Using a CMS like WordPress and building-in custom functionality also means the company’s marketing team can easily update and edit content without always requiring a developer.

MeetingZone Search Functionality

Search functionality

It was important to build-in search functionality to return pages and posts for users. Displaying the results in a lightweight clean list with URLs displayed was a user-friendly option for showing search results.